Luminosity Youth Summit 2017 Courage. Collaborate. Create.

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Welcome to the fifth annual Luminosity Youth Summit!

The Luminosity team are excited to present an another action packed three day event full of inspiring speakers at the top of their fields including marketing strategists, social entrepreneurs,

We want you to think big, dare to dream, live life to the fullest, live a healthy positive life. We want you to lead the way on the journey to the top. It’s about taking calculated risks to achieve success and having the passion to commit to yourself and your dreams and turning your goals into a tangible reality.

The speakers and presenters you will hear from will be challenging, engaging and inspiring - and the master class sessions will provide you with the opportunity to develop your confidence, unlock your potential and consider how you can make positive change in your future for your health, happiness, career, family and life.

Across the three day program we will encourage and facilitate:

 COURAGE – to seize opportunity, create your own path, have the courage to take a calculated risk, have a dangerous idea, push past boundaries and obstacles, and overcome the fear of failure.

 COLLABORATE - to partner and learn from others. Create strategic networks and relationships towards achieving your goals.

 CREATE - your own future by putting planning, learnings and networks into action – make it happen!

We anticipate this will be our biggest Summit yet a compelling and fun filled experience. The ultimate platform from which you will launch into your bright futures.


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I admit I kept brushing off invites to the summit at my TAFE but a day before they persisted and I eventually gave in. This month had already been a month where I’ve been stuck so this event and the speakers have helped me spring out of this rut.
I'm so incredibly thankful.
Excited to live out my dream.
Learning to be less scared and go!

- _____ - 2016 LYS Attendee