about Luminosity Youth Summit

What are we about?

Luminosity Youth Inc. is about inspiring and lifting the leaders of tomorrow. We want to provide all youth with the opportunities to be able to develop their skills, knowledge and confidence so that they are fully equipped to:

  • Be the best version of themselves and live the life they aspire to
  • Achieve and exceed their career aspirations

It is important that they have access to high quality resources, speakers and opportunities to inspire and engage youth. Not only do we want to enhance the profile of already existing programs available to youth, we also want to develop and implement additional programs. The Luminosity Youth Summit is one such program Luminosity Youth Inc is passionate about, launched in 2013 and held annually in Port Macqaurie.

Why are we doing it?

The Luminosity Youth Inc. working group is comprised of people that are passionate about supporting youth in their personal and professional development. Youth are our future and so it is imperative that we provide them with the building blocks, support and encouragement they need to grow into the best version of themselves. This Youth Summit is an invaluable opportunity to contribute and invest in our future.

Our Ultimate Goal

Our ultimate goal is to develop and host "a national Youth Summit challenging today's generation to become tomorrow's leaders". This Summit will be held in Port Macquarie the big picture is to have youth attendees not just from the local region but from all over Australia. We want Port Macquarie to be considered to be the inspirational hub for youth from all walks of life.

Our Purpose

The aim of the Summit is to:

  • Inspire youth to follow their dreams
  • Challenge them to be the best person they can be and take a chance on themselves
  • Excel and exceed in their chosen journey

We want to provide all youth with a safe environment where they can develop the confidence to unlock their potential and shine their inner light.

This Summit is a great opportunity for youth from all walks of life to come together to start their journey where they will learn from and grow with one another.

The Summit Theme

The theme for the Summit is 'Dangerous Ideas' i.e. Thinking big! Daring to dream and create, taking calculated risks to achieve success. The aim is to provide participants with the skills, knowledge and confidence to 'just do it' and take a risk to achieve success. The youth will be challenged to create dangerous ideas for the future.

  • New ideas and strategies for business, education, environment, charity and ultimately personal success
  • What are the risks they will need to take to achieve their dreams?
  • What is their journey going to need to involve in order to successfully execute their dangerous idea?
  • What do they need to do to mitigate the risks involved and achieve success?

 COURAGE – to seize opportunity, create your own path, have the courage to take a calculated risk, have a dangerous idea, push past boundaries and obstacles, and overcome the fear of failure.

 COLLABORATE - to partner and learn from others. Create strategic networks and relationships towards achieving your goals.

 CREATE - your own future by putting planning, learnings and networks into action – make it happen!

Targeted audience/Attendees

Demographic information

The age group that are being target for this event are youth between the ages of 15 years to 25 years of age.

Targeted participants

The committee will be targeting those that attend school, those that are already in the workforce and those attending University or TAFE. These participants will be drawn from across regional & metropolitan Australia with a firm focus on drawing new ideas and talents to the region whilst nurturing and elevating our own young Hastings leaders.

Recruitment will include:

  • A School Road Show
  • Presentations at Business Breakfasts
  • Cold calling to businesses
  • Small Luminosity events in the lead up to the Summit
  • The Committee volunteering at youth events such as FOTSUN with the ability to promote the summit
Anticipated number of attendees

The targeted number of attendees is 300.

When is it on?

The Summit will be held from the 19th to the 21st of July 2017 as this is a quiet period for Port Macquarie and does not conflict with exam periods for those studying.


Additional Information

Aaron Patton

Chairperson Hastings Youth Advisory Council & Vice Chair Luminosity Youth Summit

Last year we launched the first Luminosity Youth Summit, it was a huge success. The young guns that attended last year's summit were blown away; when the 3 day summit ended our Facebook page was inundated with messages and posts from both attendee's and parents.

Can I get a show of hands of who attended last year? You can speak to them firsthand about their experience. Some of the nation's most sought-after personalities from the worlds of social media, business, community, performance, the arts and academia came to shake-up and empower. Last year we had an array of speakers including Faustina Agolley, also known as Fuzzy, Dan Flynn the founder of Thank You Water and Andrew Morello winner of The Apprentice S1. Who, for those of you that attended last year, got to see firsthand how much energy and atmosphere he brought to us.

I first got involved in the Summit by attending one of the "think tanks" held at Zebu throughout 2013, from there I was approached by the founder and chairperson of Luminosity to be part of the Committee and soon after was appointed Vice Chair and became one of the Board members and even though I was on the Board for Luminosity and was lucky enough to attend all of the inspirational speakers who addressed the Young Guns and also interviewed Faustina Agolley and Ryley Batt, our very own London Gold Medal Winning Paralympian throughout the duration of the Summit.

I was able to attend a number of the workshops hosted by people such as Anthony Ikin, choreographer for So You Think You Can Dance S1 and Justine Bloome, a social media guru. We we're lucky enough to hear the sounds of Phil Jamieson, front man of Grinspoon, who played us a few sets from the leading Aussie bands greatest hits. There was no typically cliché power talks aimed to leave you buzzing with positivity, but drained by the time you left the door. Rather, practical advice, simple steps and a solid plate of food for thought to inspire the Dangerous Ideas and challenge today's generation to be a part of tomorrow's leaders and this year's summit will take it to a whole new level.

Check us out of Facebook, you'll find links to our website. Facebook message or email us with any enquiries. Talk with your parents and get them to check it out too! Get involved with this year's summit and see where it takes you.

Cheers guys, thanks for having us.

Jessica Gray

School Captain, St Columba Anglican School

Success can be defined as the ability to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones; take a risk and challenge the status quo

I'm the school captain at St Columba Anglican school and I'm thrilled to be able to talk to you all about my personal experience at Luminosity in 2013 and what it did for me. I commenced with some of the words spoken by Dann Flynn, the co-founder of Thank You Water who spoke at last year's forum. These words really appealed to me and inspired me.

I was unsure of what to expect when I won a scholarship to Luminosity. But I was pleasantly surprised by all aspects; the speakers, peers, atmosphere, the food! and the messages that were shared.The guest speakers were incredibly insightful, sharing their own personal journeys. All so different, yet they all had an abundance of passion. A driving force behind their success. The speakers ranged from athletes to entertainers to business owners.They each captured something special. They all inspired me.

I didn't attend the forum to start a business or to save the world like many of the presenters talked about. However, I was inspired by how the speakers all started from nothing; they created themselves, they were self made, they worked hard for where they are, and I admired their passion and resilience.

So how could I as a student get the most out of this forum? How could I plant my first footprint in the community? Luminosity helped me to develop my own 'dangerous idea', applying for school captain.It may not seem like a dangerous idea, but the whole process and role has been a personal challenge and the experience has turned out to be a stepping stone into greater things.

I will now tell you a bit about my journey and how Luminosity helped me. I never had much faith in myself, the past captains in my eyes were perfect leaders, they excelled in almost everything. To me, it was impossible to imagine that I could possibly fit into their shoes. I think it is normal for humans to compare ourselves, we live in a world where it's a part of everyday life. I constantly would tell myself that I wasn't good enough. And when I was lucky enough to be awarded with school captain, I still spent the whole first term shrouded in self doubt; believing I wasn't good enough, and I could never be anything like these amazing leaders who stood before me.

This is when I thought back to Luminosity, I began to challenge my original thoughts. I thought to myself, what makes a good leader? I am starting to understand that there is not one simple definition. Fustina Agolley's words from last year came back to me 'what you think, you become. There is no such thing as competition.' And then it got me thinking, why try to fit into somebody else's second hand designer heels, when I can purchase my own new pair; they have the same use as each other, however, they are very different in style, and I realise now, that it's ok, leaders need to challenge the status quo.

I was not prepared to sit back and let this year escape me, and I did not want to look back on my year, regretting how I approached my role, the choices I made and knowing that I didn't grasp the opportunity with both hands.I have amazing mentors such as teachers and family who assure me and encourage me non stop. But when it comes down to it, it's a personal challenge. Self doubt is corrupting force and for me it doesn't just apply to my journey as school captain it essentially applies in all aspects of life. This is when Luminosity really stepped in. To me, every key speaker was a leader, they were role models, all different, all starting from nothing, coming from a wide range of pasts and all taking different paths to success. They were very human, and easy to relate to. Their topics were inspiring. For me, they reinforced that passion is the key and success can be reached via multiple paths. I don't have to be anybody but myself. Luminosity helped me to find the potential I had within. Everything is achievable, and you have nothing to lose, all you need is passion and drive.

I will end with a quote that sits next to my bed, I read it as soon as I wake up every morning. Life is not about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself.

Firstly, I would like to thank Luminosity for 3 days of learning, inspiration and fun and express how grateful I am to have been able to receive a sponsorship. Luminosity truly inspired me. And provided a solid platform for my leadership roles.Although I can forget what I truly believe in sometimes, and have many moments of self doubt. I stop, self reflect and remember what I learnt at Luminosity and what I already know, and I realise that I'm doing an alright job, and I love what I do, I am passionate and I am different.

I am excited to expand on my experiences and this is just the start of my journey, there are many more great things around the bend. I know that there will be challenges, road blocks, and people who won't like me, or like what I do. But so long as I never lose my passion and my drive, I can only do my personal best.

Thank you again to Luminosity was reinforcing life long values and providing me with great memories, inspiration and the confidence to pursue my own 'dangerous idea!' Thank you to everybody here this morning, I hope you have a lovely day.

Christa Morrow

St Joseph's Regional College

My name is Christa Morrow and last year I was fortunate enough to attend the 1st Luminosity Youth summit. After leaving the event there were no words that could describe how excited I was for the future! With the help of the people I met and the countless memories I had created I was so determined to change the world in my own special way.

Just after the summit I was asked to speak at an assembly and might I say it was one of the most terrifying things I have even done. My job was to tell the school what I had experienced over the 3 days and - well - I just couldn't! All I could explain was that the food was great and the speakers were the most amazing people I have ever seen, met, listened to and learned from in my life. The highlight of my experience was the time I spent in Sue Lennox's Master class. This class addressed strategic questioning for change. I put myself forward as a guineapig for an exercise we were to do and I am so happy I volunteered!

Given the question "what are you most concerned about?" I found an easy answer: "poverty."Where have you witnessed this in your life?" I explained, with a sigh, how that this is a topic I get carried away with and quite emotional about. I then went on to talk about my heritage: being half Filipino, all but one of my cousins live in a developing country, with low quality education, an increasing amount of undernourished children and diabetic parents. I know poverty. From 15 years of traveling back and forth I let everything out and became quite worked up and passionate I was then questioned "how would you like this situation to be?" and various inquiries as to how I could change the situation. I shared with the group what I have already done, and that's all I could do at the moment. I was then taught that saying "that's all I can do" blocks thought so she said "what are you prepared to do?" and "what can you see yourself doing?" These two questions sparked the most amazing ideas and the impact my reply would have on my life was unexpected.

First and foremost - I find myself still at school. After some stress and losing sleep about which pathway I would choose, Luminosity made it crystal clear that to change the situation of poverty, I needed school. I needed to become a dietician, or a teacher or business planner - or whatever - but for everything that I thought of, I needed to stay here, to finish school and probably even go to uni. I have big plans - and I won't bore you with them now: but please hear me clearly when I say the experience of Luminosity last year has filled my head with such possibilities and lit a fire under me to inspire and create change. The next step for me is to save money, finish school and prepare myself for what I want to tackle: at this stage, something to do with agriculture, sustainability and pigs.

I am looking forward to this year's Luminosity youth summit because I can't wait to hear the inspirational stories of others, meet like-minded people and think as hard as I can with everyone who comes: "what can I see myself doing to create change?"
Thank you

Summit Schedule


8:00am Registration @ Glasshouse Level 1
9:00am Conference Commences
5:00pm Conference Close
After Hours Social Activity 5:00pm – 7:00pm- Open Mic Night at Zebu Bar + Grill (Rydges)


9:00am Conference Commences
5:15pm Conference Close
After Hours Workshops 6:00pm – 8:00pm Dance Workshop/Beatbox Vocal Looping/Circus Workshop (Glasshouse)


9:00am Conference Commences
4:45pm Conference Close

*** Please be ready to be seated in the auditorium 10 minutes prior to commencement time.

Rydges Port Macquarie

On the coast, on the waterfront, in the heart of the CBD, next to the Glasshouse - you'll find Rydges Port Macquarie – a coastal escape where guests can combine the pleasures of an idyllic waterfront setting with a premium accommodation & conference venue. From intimate gatherings of five to five hundred, Rydges Port Macquarie provides a relaxed, yet professional setting in which to create a truly unique & unforgettable event or getaway.

Just an hour's flight from Sydney, a stones throw from untouched surfing beaches & an abundance of bustling cafes, bars & boutiques, Rydges offers versatile stand alone conference facilities with waterfront function rooms & terraces overlooking the Hastings River & Pacific Ocean. This international 4.5 star hotel boasts well appointed, deluxe guest rooms & apartments complimented by its own award winning waterfront restaurant & bar.

Rydges Port Macquarie is the accommodation of choice for the new Glasshouse Arts, Cultural & Entertainment Centre. Located only metres from its entrance – Rydges provides exclusive waterfront dining, themed cocktail or dinner parties & breakout options for Glasshouse delegates.

Outside of the conference room enjoy the heated pool & spa, water view gym, on site day spa, 24 hour in room dining, shopping, cruising, diving and of course relaxing. Escape to Rydges Port Macquarie.

Luminosity Youth Summit Rates

Standard Hotel Room Twin or Single $179 per night
Superior Hotel Room (Water View) Twin or Single $189 per night
Deluxe Hotel Room (Water View Balcony) Twin or Single $269 per night
Two Bedroom water view Apartment (Perfect for sharing - max of 4 guests per room in existing bedding) $310 per night

How do I book?

Contact Rydges Port Macquarie via email request or call on (02) 65892 888 and mention that you are attending Luminosity.

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It's been an amazing experience, inspiring, and motivating, I am so proud of our team-organising committee, volunteers and our sponsors well done to all. Personally it's been humbling and fulfilling experience I look forward to our next chapter of building on this fabulous experience and energy for next year and year after....
- Dr Muyesser Durur - Luminosity Youth Inc Patron