become an ambassador LYS Ambassador Program 2017

In 2016 we launched the option for young people to fundraise for tickets. Congratulations to the Young Guns who raised over $8,000. They received over 150 individual donations and 35 Young Guns secured their ticket to attend.

In recognition of this years theme we are asking Young Guns to COLLABORATE and work as a team. This makes their fundraising more fun and they will receive an overall discount on their ticket prices. It also gives young people ownership of their dream to attend and fosters their skills to reach set goals.

If this sounds like you, email us at with 3 reasons why you would make a great ambassador.

Great to see so many inspired and enthusiastic youth in one place, great line up, great publicity, great graphics, great presentation... and, most importantly, really great feedback from all I spoke to about the event - including a mother of a Year 11 boy who attended and came back totally inspired (and very impressed with the food). Well done, and count us in for next time
- NEIL BROWN - North Coast Tafe - Summit Sponsor