Luminosity Youth Summit

Luminosity Youth Summit is a dynamic national three day forum uplifting young people to explore dangerous ideas for success. The event ignites creativity, excellence and entrepreneurship and fosters purpose and well-being amongst young people aged 15 - 25.

Over 1800 young delegates have experienced the program over the last 6 years and are a diverse cohort of young people from regional and rural areas from a wide variety of social, economic and cultural backgrounds. They are encouraged to create action plans for success so they can move into adulthood and careers with passion, social conscience, innovation and enterprising ideas. High profile presenters and local business leaders are selected and come together from across Australia and the world to engage youth in workshops, presentations, masterclasses and interactive sessions. The event is volunteer powered and supported by regional businesses, schools and organisations.

The summit provides an opportunity to regional youth that they would not normally have access to and a quality and level of education and opportunity provided in a capital city.

Luminosity communicates that anything is possible, that there are many paths to success not just the traditional pathways Speaker and facilitators clearly communicate and are living proof that your academic ability, postcode, financial background or ethnicity do not determine your trajectory for success. Luminosity was created to remove the road-blocks provided by regional and rural distance and bring an event of this calibre to coastal NSW. No longer needing to travel o metro areas world class speakers are right here in Port to share their stories, to facilitate change in the hearts and mind of our young people and ultimately our broader community.

What are we about?

Luminosity Youth Inc. is about inspiring and lifting the leaders of tomorrow. We want to provide all youth with the opportunities to be able to develop their skills, knowledge and confidence so that they are fully equipped to:

  • Be the best version of themselves and live the life they aspire to
  • Achieve and exceed their career aspirations

It is important that they have access to high quality resources, speakers and opportunities to inspire and engage youth. Not only do we want to enhance the profile of already existing programs available to youth, we also want to develop and implement additional programs. The Luminosity Youth Summit is one such program that Luminosity Youth Inc is passionate about, launched in 2013 and held annually in Port Macquarie.

Why are we doing it?

The Luminosity Youth Inc. working group is comprised of people that are passionate about supporting youth in their personal and professional development. Youth are our future and so it is imperative that we provide them with the building blocks, support and encouragement they need to grow into the best version of themselves. This Youth Summit is an invaluable opportunity to contribute and invest in our future.

Our Ultimate Goal

Our ultimate goal is to develop and host "a national Youth Summit challenging today's generation to become tomorrow's leaders". This Summit will be held in Port Macquarie and the big picture is to have youth attendees not just from the local region but from all over Australasia. We want Port Macquarie to be considered as the inspirational hub for youth from all walks of life.

Our Purpose

The aim of the Summit is to:

  • Inspire youth to follow their dreams
  • Challenge them individually to be the best person they can be and take a chance on themselves
  • Excel and exceed in their chosen journey

We want to provide all youth with a safe environment where they can develop the confidence to unlock their potential and shine their inner light.

This Summit is a great opportunity for youth from all walks of life to come together, to start their journey, where they will learn from and grow with one another.

The Summit Theme

The theme for the Summit is 'Dangerous Ideas' i.e. Thinking Big! Daring to dream and create, taking calculated risks to achieve success. The aim is to provide participants with the skills, knowledge and confidence to 'just do it' and take a risk to achieve success. The youth will be challenged to create dangerous ideas for the future.

  • New ideas and strategies for business, education, environment, charity and ultimately personal success
  • What are the risks they will need to take to achieve their dreams?
  • What is their journey going to need to involve in order to successfully execute their dangerous idea?
  • What do they need to do to mitigate the risks involved and achieve success?


Target audience/Attendees

Demographic information

The age group that are being targeted for this event are youth between the ages of 15 years to 25 years of age.

Targeted participants

The committee will be targeting those that attend school, those that are already in the workforce and those attending University or TAFE. These participants will be drawn from across regional & metropolitan Australia with a firm focus on drawing new ideas and talents to the region whilst nurturing and elevating our own young Hastings leaders. Our key focus is to provide regional youth access to national and international high profile speakers, experts and thought leaders right here on the NSW Mid North Coast.

Recruitment will include:

  • A School Road Show
  • Presentations at Business Breakfasts
  • Cold calling to businesses
  • Small Luminosity events in the lead up to the Summit
  • The Committee volunteering at youth events such as FOTSUN with the ability to promote the summit

Anticipated number of attendees

The targeted number of attendees is 450.

Our Luminosity team create and deliver a dynamic three day program of speakers, facilitators and workshops to provide an exciting and challenging experience for young people aged 15 – 25. The summit provides a tool kit for success for your people in rural and regional areas irrespective of where they come from or what economic background they may have. .We deliver a metropolitan quality program inspired by the impact of TED X on the ground in coastal Port Macquarie.

As a not for profit association we serve the needs of our supporters, sponsors, business partners and most importantly our young participants.

According to the Mitchell Institute “just over one-quarter of all young Australians at the age of 24 are not engaged in full time work, training or study. This translates into over 90,000 young Australians in their mid-20s struggling to establish stable study and work careers.” Students from the most disadvantaged groups and regional locations are less likely to catch up once they are off track at a milestone.

Luminosity addresses this problem by giving young people knowledge and practical skills to build a meaningful and purposeful life, regardless of their socio-economic background, regional location or educational attainment level. We encourage dangerous ideas for success and taking calculated risks to achieve that success.

We bring high calibre presenters to the community to address the regional imbalance and make cutting edge information, entrepreneurship and emerging business ideas accessible for all.