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We have an incredible lineup of speakers yet again - can't wait to see you there.


2016 Highlights

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The Luminosity Youth Summit is an event that engages, entertains and challenges young people. Integral to its success is the involvement of our future leaders in every step of the process.
Luminosity not only brings together an array of inspiring speakers and high-profile guests, it also provides a much-needed forum for more than 350 young people to listen, learn and laugh whilst looking to the future.
After speaking with delegates following last year’s Luminosity Youth Summit, I was pleased to hear that many of the young people who attended have already set their sights on exciting careers - many within the growing health sector.
Our own delegates who took part in the three-day Luminosity experience returned full of praise and positive feedback. Their infectious enthusiasm for the event was felt for many months afterwards.
This year we have continued our commitment to Luminosity and we are very pleased to be able to present one of the event’s key speakers, Dr Matt James, who is a valued staff member of the Mid North Coast Local Health District, working as an Intern at Port Macquarie Base Hospital.
Congratulations to the inspiring, insightful and energetic group of locals who work very hard behind the scenes to organise the Luminosity Youth Summit. The professionalism and enthusiasm with which every member of the Luminosity Committee approaches every aspect of this event should be applauded.
The Mid North Coast Local Health District is proud of its role in presenting the Luminosity Youth Summit and we look forward to continuing to support this event into the future.

-Stewart Dowrick, Chief Executive, Mid North Coast Local Health District

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It's been an amazing experience, inspiring, and motivating, I am so proud of our team-organising committee, volunteers and our sponsors well done to all. Personally it's been humbling and fulfilling experience I look forward to our next chapter of building on this fabulous experience and energy for next year and year after....
- Dr Muyesser Durur - Luminosity Youth Inc Patron

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